My Most Used Mobile Applications

16 Sep

Mobile phones have become the most used device in our daily lives.

There are tones of mobile applications available and people usually download a lot apps in the phones.

In fact, there are just few apps that I use the most that I would like to share here.

The first one is “The Weather Channel “, this is an application for people to check current weather and predictive weather in a day or a week.

The reason why I like it is because this app is very accurate at forecasting the weather and also it is for free as well as easy to use.

Most importantly, I can choose several location as my favorite cities and I can check multiple locations at the same time.

For example, I live in Jersey City but I take class in New York City, so I can check the weather in both cites. Besides, I even can check the weather in my hometown- Taipei city, Taiwan, so I can keep posted with the International weather as soon as possible.

The second application I used most is “Chase Mobile“, which is the app for chase bank users.

This app makes me feel very easy on a lot of chase function. That is, I can not only check my account balance any time but also transfer money from my saving account to checking account right away.

Moreover, since a lot people are chase card users, I can request money or send money through “Chase Quickpay” instead of giving a check.

Therefore, the reason why I use it a lot is because it’s so convenient that I use this app everyday.

The last application that I used most is “PANDORA” radio

PANDORA” radio app is almost the same as the one online website, people can listen the Today’s hits radio and press like or dislike to customize the following songs.

I even can type the singers or the bands I like, and the app will recored your preference and find the similar types of singers or songs for you.

The reason why I like it is because it is like customized radio for me and I can check on what’s new songs and the most popular songs recently.

Those are my most used mobile applications, hope you can find it very useful too.

Y.C. Sep. 16, 2012

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