Value Proposition – L’Oreal Paris

07 Oct

Every woman, no matter what age she is, mostly view her hair as one of the most important part on the body.

This is the source of our beauty, charm, and confidence.

As one of the biggest hair product companies, L’Oreal Paris should reinforce its mobile application with special and unique functions to provide better value propositions to customers.

  • Hair quality and type diagnosis

People usually want to know what is your hair type? It’s oily hair, dry hair, sensitive hair type. Also how is your hair quality? It’s normal hair, damaged hair, or resistant hair.

Customers can upload their hair photos into the application, about 30 seconds, there will be a personal hair quality and type diagnosis identified by L’Oreal professional team.

After diagnosing customer’s hair condition, L’Oreal will recommend the suitable hair care products to them.

This function usually cannot be executed only if people go to a professional hair salon and might need to pay for it. Now, if L’Oreal creates this feature, customers must find it very useful and easy-to-use.

  • Shampoo/ Conditioner tracker & reminder

It would be very annoying when people run out of shampoo and conditioner and you forgot to refill it.

L’Oreal creates an application function that can track customers’ hair care products usage amount, purchase frequency, and remind  customers it’s about time to purchase the new one. Moreover, it will tell you what’s promotional products or new hair care products for customers’ references.

  • Personal Hairstylist

People usually want to change a new hair style but don’t know is it suitable or not, or sometimes just cannot decide which style is better.

As a result, L’Oreal provides a function that customers can use their own photos and match with different hair style and color. That is, there are a lot of hottest hair styles and color, includes some celebrities’ hair look,  in the application for people to choose, play with it, and even share with friends by uploading the pictures into Facebook or Instagram.

I believe consumers will find these new features in mobile application very useful, entertaining and easy to use whenever dealing with their hair issues.

Y.C. Oct.o7, 2012

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