Creating WOW Experiences

09 Dec

Wow Nowadays, every company and brand has its own official website as well as consumers surf and shop on the Internet anytime anywhere, so website might be the most important interface that people could actually make impression on the brand. However, there are tons of websites or application online, how to make consumer impressive and even create a “WOW Experience” is a critical element to build up the brand image.

For example, companies can create exclusive YouTube Channel and make consumers get to know their products and service better as well as engage to their brand stories.

Acer Youtube

Another typical way to create WOW Experiences to consumers would the website design that changes differently along with holiday seasons.

Target website

Even more common way is to deliver a creative commercial to drive people’s curiosity and make the video goes viral. Here is the one of the best commercials in 2012 from a TV company.

In general, every brand just need to utilize some Wow experiences to get consumers’ attentions and leave an deeper impression on people’s mind, not necessary boost the sales but reenforce the brand for sure.

A short sharing, hope you like it.

Y.C. Dec.09, 2012

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